Ideas for an Inexpensive Christmas Gift

Silly season is just around the corner, and though there is immense joy in gifting presents to the people you love, the financial stress of the holiday season can often be overwhelming. However, gifts do not have to be expensive to be meaningful, and an inexpensive gift can often prove to be more thoughtful than one that costs hundreds of dollars. Whether you are duly prepared or scrambling for a last-minute gift idea, below are some examples of inexpensive Christmas gifts that are still thoughtful.

Personalised Mixtape 

Creating a personalised mixtape has been a go-to gift idea for generations. Curating a personalised playlist induces a sense of nostalgia,  ‘old school cool,’ and shows the recipient that you have put immense thought into their gift. Often a person’s music taste is highly personal, so creating a playlist or mixtape based on songs you think they will love is a great way to show you care. Some companies can create quirky custom cassettes or CDs with the personalised playlist, however, streaming services such as Spotify make it even easier (and more cost-effective) to create a unique and shareable playlist. 

Personalised Gifts

While a personalised mixtape is extremely thoughtful, it is also typically an intangible gift. On a similar note, a small personalised physical gift is often inexpensive and just as thoughtful. The gift in question can be tailored to the recipient’s interests. If they enjoy exercise, a water bottle with their name on it is a great idea. For someone who is creative, a journal with the recipient’s name engraved or a commissioned digital portrait are both great gift ideas. If you are not too sure what to get, there are companies that can make personalised jigsaw puzzles, which are a unique and engaging gift idea!

Homemade Vouchers 

Homemade vouchers are a unique gift idea for friends, family, and partners. They are easy to make by hand and are easily tailored to match the recipient’s interests. Common examples include shoulder massages, a favourite meal, chores, or breakfast in bed, which the recipient can claim at any point. If more costly items are included on the vouchers, a clause can be added specifying how many vouchers can be used in a month, which is a great way to spread out the financial component of the gift.  

Care Package 

Care packages are a thoughtful gift idea, particularly for loved ones living apart. Typically filled with food, treats or self-care items, they are a gift that helps you connect with the recipient and allows them to indulge in a bit of self-care. You can include some of their favourite confectionery items, bath salts, health and beauty items, home-made body scrubs and aromatherapy scented candles. And although they are an inexpensive gift, care packages are often sentimental and always well received.  

Indoor Plants

While plants may not be as personal as a care package or carefully curated playlist, they are inexpensive gift ideas that can help brighten the recipient’s space. Proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve indoor air quality, and boost mood and productivity levels, the recipient doesn’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy the benefits indoor plants provide. With plants coming in all shapes, needs, and sizes, there is bound to be the perfect plant for every home.

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